Last night I enjoyed a hearty salad for dinner.  Just the salad.  Lovingly crafted by my adult children, I relished every bite.  In the throws of Summer, in the midst of emerging goodies from the fields and farms, why bother with anything else?   There are times when I prefer a salad of quite simplicity: Greens, tomato, dressing and then there are times when the more the merrier: Salty and savory baked tofu, grain of any sort, garbanzo or kidney bean, egg, nuts, pepperoncini,  tomato, red bells, shredded carrots, succulent little cucumber, pickled onion.  I like to make this when there are leftover legumes and grains (I don't want to dirty a thousand pots for my salad fix!).  Rub a bowl with garlic clove, throw in a dash of vinegar, herbs if I want, salt and pepper, good olive oil.  Franks Hot Sauce is a welcome companion.  Dijon too, but not always. Toss the glorious garden.  Have at it.
Much Love,