So, it's a good thing that folks are discovering Meatless Mondays.  At Duos, excuse our improper English but, it ain't nothin' new. We've got your meatless gig covered!  Some of the partners at Duos have been vegetarian since 1973.  You know back in the day when all that could be had when dining out would be pasta or a salad bar. Yeah, those days are long gone. We would venture to say we have a few tricks and treats up our sleeves.

Duos consistently has at least 15 vegetarian offerings every day.  At LEAST 9 of them are vegan (one would never know from all the super flavor!) and about 8 are gluten free option or gluten free.  That doesn't even take into account all the fun testing and experimenting that we do all the time.

 It is our pleasure and purpose to create , offer, expose, challenge and stimulate your palate, brain and body with new experiences.

Each week we will let you know about some sumptuous dish that will make you forget about the bacon. This week:

Mustard Crusted Tofu with Seared Sweet Potato, Kale and Mustard "Cream" Sauce