Our dear friend, teamler, and beloved buddy Luke, passed away last weekend. This is such a sad day for all of us at Duos and we know it will be a very sad day for all of you who loved and depended on Luke as well. Luke lived a life of service to others in more ways than we know and he impacted the lives of so many, many struggling youth with his honesty, openness, and kind listening ear. Not to mention his generous distribution of his baked goods, especially his cheesecake. He helped each one of us be a better person. 

We will keep you posted on services that are being arranged for him.

Duos will NOT be open for breakfast on Monday, December 28th (we will be open for lunch). We will need at least this day to mourn and try to ponder how to fill the shoes of such a dependable, kind, accommodating and trusty staff member. We will reopen for breakfast on Tuesday, December 29th with a heavy heart but the determination to exemplify the goodness that was Luke.