Feeding folks is a true privilege. We never take this charge lightly. 

At Duos, we have a very interesting position of creating meals that are diverse and challenging, comforting and familiar as well as affordable, as much local, sustainable as possible. Oh, that is not all. We need to reach and care for those with highly specific diets (gluten free, vegan, soy free...) as well as our guests who want hearty, familiar and well prepared dishes.  

Striking this balance in our menu takes us down a fair number of research avenues. We subscribe to a few publications: Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, America's Test Kitchen. The internet sites that seem to provide inspiration: Saveur, Food 52, Pinterest, Post Punk Kitchen, Epicurious, Serious Eats. We have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks in our Kitchens and homes. We pry into menus across the country in cities that are culinary boom towns: Louisville, Chicago, New York, LA, San Francisco.

We also ferret out help from our Chef buddies and test out new recipes at home on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings (this morning I made Congee for brunch. Look it up!).

It keeps us in touch. It keeps us creative. It keeps us close to you, which by all measures, is our very happy place.