Hello Dear Friends:

I must begin this correspondence with the happy follow up to last week. My childhood Cafeteria Chef, Theo Stillions, is feisty and spunky at age 100! I plan to have a visit with her very soon. Even though apparently her recipes are literally in lock and key, I just want to share my gratitude. Excited.

Folks in business say never hire your family or friends. That could be true. For me, it has often been the opposite. Not always, I will admit. But when it is good it is very very good. At Duos and our previous business, Essential Edibles, we have been most fortunate in this regard. Anne and Julie live in my neighborhood. We live, work and play together. Mary and her Mom, Beverly, have been our family friends since 1973. Our partner, John, has been a part of our lives for over 30 years. Will, grew up in our Near Eastside neighborhood.  One staff member lived with our family for 3 years. Trisha was a Nanny for our children and Kim has been our friend for about 12 years. We cherish and value these relationships. It is not your usual business model. I would not trade it for the world.

September 6th is Penrod Arts Fair from 9-5 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Duos will be there with a gathering of other great food trucks.  Check out all the events of the day at:

We will be offering our Cornet Sandwich, Turkey Bacon Club with Fried Green Tomatoes and Panzanella Salad for this week. So please come enjoy them at both Eskenazi Health and Duos Kitchen. If Boston Cream Pie is your cup of tea, we will have that too. Smokey Lentil Soup with Kale will be making an appearance as well as Potato Leek Soup as interpreted by Chef Skila. I might make another fine batch of Roasted Tomato Fennel with Basil. At Duos Eskenazi we will be playing with some new salads: Maybe a lovely 3 Wild Rice Salad with Pickled Blueberries or Seaweed Salad. Butter Chicken or Really, Actually Tasty Turkey Meatloaf anyone? Yep. Might be later in the week, but that will be landing at Duos Kitchen. For complete menu guidance, please have fun with our website: www.duosindy.com

We are always honored to feed you.  

With felicity and gratitude,
Becky, John, David et al