Hello Friends:

Dinner hour can be frightening. Primarily because our lives are too hectic, we work too hard, we are managing too many things. I feel for my friends (and I'm not gonna lie, my own kids at times) and family when they arrive home after a tremendously busy day and have this precious time with their children yet must contend with the conundrum of a family meal.

What I found most helpful when I was raising 4, quite close in age, children, was a silly little trick. It really, really works. Sit down, write 8 menus. Simple ones, maybe a couple of more challenging ones. Shop to the meals. Now, you can stick to your guns and make the Monday meal on your list(knowing what lies ahead is the key!!!) or maybe you are the flexible type and you want to make Wednesdays meal on Monday. Oooh, such a rebel!

You will not believe how much simpler your life will be if you know what your'e preparing before you head out the door. I say plan 8 meals because it allows you some flexibility. I promise, promise this will help. If you would like to see a week of meals from back in the day when our kids were small, I will have it on our website: www.duosindy.com under blog, later this week.

Duos Mobile will be at the Statehouse Market, Thursday 25th and on Georgia Street Friday 26th (both events serving lunch from 11-1:30). We will have:

  • BBQ Tempeh Sandwich (also at Eskenazi Health and the Kitchen)
  • Aleppo Roasted Pork Sandwich with Fennel and Arugula (also at Eskenazi Health and Kitchen)
  • Shaved Brussel Sprout and Kale Salad with Romano, Toasted Almond Shallot Vinaigrette (Eskenazi Health)
  • Vegetarian Vegetable and Potato Leek Soup(all locations)
  • Also happy to serve Midwest Peach Cobbler with Lavender Biscuit (as long as the peach stash lasts!)

As always, you can find our complete menu right here on our website.

At Eskenazi Health next week, we will be offering a slew of new salads and begin introducing some new sandwiches. We're excited.

Duos Kitchen has a hint of the fall fever. The Tasty Turkey Meatloaf has landed. We will have some Rustic Chicken Pie. I will make a few fun vegetarian special and if at all possible, will have homemade pizza for Friday!

Carry on with life and thanks a million for all the kind support.

With love and gratitude,
Becky, John, David et al