Hello Everyone:

Theo. Theo Stillions was her name. She was our cafeteria cook at Sanders Elementary School when I was just a scrawny, wee one in Bloomington. Theo was amazing! Big-busted, gray-haired, bespectacled, apron-wearing Master of the Kitchen. Truly, her love, passion and care was evident in everything that she created for us often ungrateful children. Theo hand rolled our noodles, made Ham and Beans with real ham and real beans. She shucked the corn and shelled the limas. Of course, the baking was not from a box but from her loving hands: biscuits, cornbread, cobblers, cakes and crisps. We knew we were lucky. We felt the care and love in the preparation. It mattered.  

It saddens me to consider our children and grandchildren don't have that experience. I honestly don't understand why we have gotten to such a lowly point in feeding our kids today. I hope that this might change someday. But I do know that at our little Kitchen, we try to channel the spirit of Theo in our work every, single day, every single meal. It is a tradition that must be honored.

Look for Duos Mobile at the Statehouse Market for lunch on Thursday, August 28th. Friday the 29th, takes us to a Clustertruck lunch with our other food truck buddies at 9000 Keystone! We'll be serving from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. both days.

Check out our menus for all the details on our special dishes! It is with honor we serve you.

With felicity and gratitude,
Becky, John, David et al

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