Hello Friends:

Tofu. The very word strikes fear or despise in the mouth of even some of the more discriminating palates. Tofu is most often regarded as a detriment rather than a benefit to a meal. But tofu is your friend. Rich in calcium, protein, iron, 164 calories per 4 oz serving, tofu is divine. My conclusion over the 40+ years of being a vegetarian, is that nobody ever prepared it properly for you. Tofu is a chameleon. It is quite happy to take on any flavor or identity you choose to adorn it with.  

One little helper I use...always, is Red Star Nutritional Yeast (super tasty, high in protein and B vitamins, handy for everything!). I use it as a coating or breading for tofu with some spices, garlic, cut a square, bread it. Saute with patience (don't turn until you observe a nice golden and a bit of firmness) and then I toss in a mix of water, tamari (the only soy sauce I use!) and maybe chipotle, or siracha. Let it sear for a minute and voila: instant conversion to loving this little gem of the vegetarian world. There are a ton of quick recipes on line. Don't be scared. Try a little tofu.

So much happening this week at Duos:

Look for Duos Mobile:

1) At the wonderful, Thursday Statehouse Market, Robert Orr Plaza from 11-1:30. More info statehousemarket.com

2) Gen Con: ThursdayFriday and Saturday evenings from 5-11pm. We will offer an expanded, very fun Duos Mobile menu with dishes and choices for everyone! Get complete menu details on Facebook!

3) DIG IN:  Sunday, August 17, 12-5 in White River State Park. Duos is making a BEAUTIFUL Honey, Lavender and Rosemary Scented Cookie using all Indiana honey, egg, butter, rosemary and lavender. Divine. For more info on the lovely day: www.digindiana.org

Our specials at Duos Eskenazi Health and Duos Kitchen are:

  • Blue is Best Sandwich with an amazing Blue Cheese Spread, Nice Fat Indiana Tomatoes, Almond, Pickled Onion and Local Greens
  • Ham, Emmenthal, Country Dijon and Pickles
  • Mid East Coucous Salad with Smoked Paprika Dressing (vegan option)
  • Pinto Bean and Tomato Broth Soup with Quinoa (vegan and gluten free)

Get our complete menus right here.

With felicity and gratitude,

Becky, John, David et al