Hello Dear Friends:

I had the good fortune to grow up on 100 acres in Bloomington, Indiana. My folks were brave New Yorkers determined to learn the art of country dwelling. They had a grand community of knowledgeable people around who were willing to educate us all. I learned and loved foraging at a very, very young age. Of course, the majestic morel mushroom was the big prize but we loved gathering other surprising edibles that were bountiful on the gravel roads and in the valleys and woods. Mom loved the hunt as much as I did. We pulled wild asparagus and poke weed in the Spring. Summer meant cattails, day lilies (I attempted to fry the blossoms when I was 8. I had no takers), the arduous task of gathering, drying and then shelling black walnuts. Fall, lovely Indiana Fall, meant hazelnut hunting. Mom's favorite treat.  

Today I live downtown in a neighborhood where we have public access to grapes, apple, pear, peach, persimmon, black walnut, plum, poke, lambs quarters, and yes, morels!  Take a little stroll in your neck of the woods and you might be surprised to find some excellent eating in your own back yard.  Take a child with you and enjoy all that this good earth, even in our cities, has to offer us all.

Here are all the goings on this week, so much happening in our City!

  • Duos Mobile: We will be at the Statehouse Market on Thursday, 14th. Then we are off to GEN CON!!!  So much fun and the largest convention that Indy hosts. You can find us there on Georgia Street Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5-11pm. That is not all...
  • DIG IN!  Sunday 17th, White River State Park, 12-5 ... 35 Chefs, Food Trucks, Libations, all with the focus on Indiana Agriculture and the bounty it provides. Check it out at: digindiana.org. We will be offering a Rosemary, Lavender Cookie made with Indiana butter, honey, eggs, and of course, the herbs local too!

Our specials this week at The Kitchen & Eskenazi Health:

  • The Summer Fresh Sandwich: mozzarella, local basil pesto, toasted almond, Indiana tomatoes, local arugula, house pickled onion
  • 3 Hots and Sweets BBQ Chicken Sandwich
  • Mid-week: look for Ethiopian Beef Tips

Thank you to our Farmers: Big City, Fischer Farms, Harvestland, Van Antwerp, Richert/Philips, Jerry Lambright, Cottage Home Community Gardens, Waterman"s and Indy Family Farms and our own tiny but mighty Duos Garden!

With much felicity, gratitude and copious amounts of love, 
Becky, John, David et a